Time to unwind!

11plusafterpartyThe Common Entrance Exam is over.

Now the waiting game for the much anticipated results has begun. The results are expected to be back within a month but until that time, the thousands of students who wrote the exam today could not wait to relax and unwind after months of intense preparations.

To do this, many of them, their parents and friends de-stressed at various, restaurants like Chefette, the Boatyard in the City and house/pool parties across the island.

When Barbados TODAY visited the Lester Vaughan School in Cane Garden, St. Thomas this afternoon just as the students were leaving, there were many hugs, kisses and well wishes being passed around. Most of the students, from Hillaby/Turner’s Hall Primary, St. Gabriel’s, St. Winifred’s and Sharon Primary, said they were very pleased with what they did and believed they would attain the results they most desired.

One of those students, Nicholas Trotman, of St. Gabriel’s who said he and friends would celebrate the conclusion of the exam with a pool party, said he felt pretty good it was over.

With proud looking parents Mark and Kim by his side he added: “Before I started it, it was a lot of work and I was so stressed to the point I was crying. Now it is done I can have a week and a day off until school starts again.”

A beaming Trotman said he wanted to go to either The St. Michael School because he lives in that parish or Harrison College because it was considered a favourite in his family since many members attended there.

Though he admitted Maths was much easier for him than the English portion of the examination, this was not the case for many others. Over at the Combermere School in Waterford, St. Michael where St. Matthew’s Primary, Lawrence T. Gay Primary, Hindsbury Primary and Hill Top Preparatory students wrote the exam a teacher, who preferred not to be named, told Barbados TODAY that while many of her students were confident about English and the composition, section C of the Maths proved more difficult for her students.

She said that they complained the wording was a bit ambiguous, as a result the children did not know exactly what to do and this had many of them stumbling.

Hindsbury Primary student, Jalidae Parris, also agreed that Maths was the most difficult for her stating that Section C had a few tricks. However, she was able to excel in the English because she was stronger at it. She did not have a particular school in mind but noted she did her best asserting that it was her belief it did not matter what school a person attended but what they did when they got there.

Before the start of the exam this morning all the smiles were non-existent as fewer parents, than in past years, gathered to the front of the schools where the exams were being taken to make their final well wishes.

At Lester Vaughan the atmosphere was very tense as parents stood beneath trees which adorn the landscape with arms folded. Nassoma Combs, whose 11-year-old son Kijani of Sharon Primary wrote the exam said she was not to stressed but a bit nervous for him. Explaining that he was so nervous this morning that he left home without her and she was unable to give her last words of encouragement. Nevertheless but confident that he would do his best and she would be happy with whatever results he received. (KC)

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