Serial rapist arrested

PORT OF SPAIN — A 26-year-old suspected serial rapist and two Venezuelans were among 43 people arrested in a Central Division police exercise which ended yesterday.

The operation spanned over 24 hours and ended at 8 a.m. after police swooped down on several communities in Chaguanas, Freeport and environs. According to reports, the alleged serial rapist, who gave several addresses in Chaguanas and Freeport, was held on Sunday morning and was positively identified by three of his teenage victims yesterday.

Police said the suspect, pretending to be a PH taxi driver, picked up teenage girls and took them to secluded areas where he forced them to commit sexual acts. The suspect, police said, had been terrorising victims for the past six months in almost all communities within the borough.

During the exercise, police also held two male Venezuelans, after they failed to produce travel documents at a Freeport bar, and three men, of Chase Village and Freeport, after a .380 mm pistol and 14 rounds of ammunition were found in their car.

Ten motorists were also charged after for failing breathalyser tests, while others were arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana. (Guardian)

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