Locally grown weed on the rise

weedEven as police nabbed a shipment of cannabis off the St. Philip coast in the wee hours of this morning, they are reporting a continued increase in locally grown weed.

Police Public Relations Officer, Inspector David Welch told the media this morning that they were still investigating the circumstances surrounding the recovery of half a tonne of cannabis around 3 a.m. at Skeetes Bay.

“Our drug squad, supported by members of the RSS [Regional Security Systems], members of the Barbados Defence Force, and members of the Barbados Coast Guard responded to reports of suspicious activity in the Skeete’s Bay, St. Philip area and they seized just over half a tonne of cannabis, approximately 1,449 pounds of cannabis floating in the water.

“Because of the treacherous conditions at the time, they took three hours to retrieve five polythene bags and 18 taped packages. The conditions were not the best but with the assistance of those other agencies, we were able to secure those drugs,” said Welch, who added that investigations were continuing and no arrests had been made as yet.

The inspector said as well that the police had been observing a different trend with the busts that they were making into the drugs trade.

“What we realise is that because of our stepped-up interdiction methods around the coastline, … we are seizing more cannabis plants growing around the island.

“Just last week, we reaped just over 500 plants from St. John and in St. Peter, and I am speaking off the cuff. Last year and every year we realise that we are seeing an increase in the number of plants seized that were cultivated in Barbados.

“We have seen seizures at the Bridgetown Port as well, but these individuals seem to be using all avenues to get the contraband into Barbados. We are seeing seizures at the airport as well because at this time we have a pregnant woman at a medical facility suspected of ingesting pellets of drugs. You will hear about that in the not too distant future.” (LB)

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