UWI fees fixed

The annual business meeting of the Council of the University of the West Indies held recently in Jamaica, has endorsed the recommendations of the Sub-Committee on Tuition Fees with respect to fees for 2013/2014 academic programmes.

At the Cave Hill Campus in Barbados, tuition fees will remain the same as the current academic year – namely, BDS $5,625 for the faculties of Humanities & Education, Science & Technology and Social Sciences; BDS $8,808 for the Faculty of Law and BDS $16,618 for the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

For the Mona Campus, fees will be increased by 5.5 per cent for all faculties over the current academic year. Accordingly, students will pay an annual tuition fee of JAM $252,164 for the Faculties of Humanities & Education, Science and Technology the Social Sciences and for Advanced Nursing programmes; the Faculty of Medical Sciences will cost JAM $606.905 and the Faculty of Law JAM $274,407. This level of increase is below the inflation rate in Jamaica, reported to be at eight per cent for calendar year 2012 and represents a recovery of 20 per cent of economic costs.

At the St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad, tuition fees for the incoming academic year will remain at 2012/13 level, which was TT $12,425 for the faculties of Food and Agriculture, Humanities & Education and the Social Sciences; TT $16,216 for the Faculty of Engineering and TT $13,689 for the Faculty of Law.

These fees represent 18 per cent recovery of economic costs and the increase is below the inflation rate of 7.2 per cent recorded for calendar year 2012.

The schedule of fees for undergraduate, pre-university and postgraduate programmes at the Open Campus also remained unchanged. Open Campus students pay fees in the local currency of the site of registration on a per course basis.

Tuition fees for the undergraduate and pre-university programmes would remain at US$300 per three-credit course and US $550 per three-credit course for Specially Admitted and Graduate Programmes.

Recommendations for tuition fees for self-financing programmes delivered at all four campuses were also endorsed by the council. Special concessionary fees for students from the ACS (Association of Caribbean States) countries were also approved for an initial period of three years, as part of the UWI’s thrust to widen access to students from outside the CARICOM region.

The council also decided to undertake a comprehensive review of the process of deciding on tuition fees for which a small Task Force will be convened by the vice-chancellor. The review is expected to include consideration of a mechanism to facilitate more timely decisions on fee levels so that firm offers can be made to candidates much earlier than currently is the case.

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