Dynamic duo

by Donna Sealy

motheranddaughterwinners2013The verve that Cherilan and Kimberly Yearwood brought to the Mannie Bowen Auditorium of the Graydon Sealy Secondary School could be the reason the power went out for 47 minutes during the Miss Mother Daughter Talent Showcase last night.

Dynamic from start to finish, they stamped their dominance on the competition to win the Miss Mother Daughter title from the other four couples.

Along the way they wowed the judges and riled up their supporters with their swagger, lots of attitude, their playful nature and bright smiles to win the show that had its share of technical glitches.

After starting an hour and three minute late start, patrons had to deal with a 45-minute power outage that was isolated to the venue just as the Yearwoods were about the showcase their evening gowns.

Nevertheless, most of them stayed until the end to see Cathy-ann Corbin and Shanice Harper, sponsored by Hair by Nature Beauty Nook, claim second spot and Lisa Wall and Tanya McAllister, Miss Barbados Today and Miss C.O. Williams cop third place.

In addition to the title, the Capello The Salon and Lester Welch Designs sponsored pair, won the Best Talent category with their dance which they performed well; Best Personal Style which was reminiscent of an era when women wore big sunglasses and scaves on their heads à la iconic Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; Best Gown with their Lester Welch multi-coloured dresses which celebrated the vibrancy of the Caribbean.

motheranddaughterwinners2013wineThey also had the Best Presented HIV Project.

Dancing to Monica’s For You I Will, their dance was well choreographed and interpreted the lyrics of the song showing how they promised to be there for each other no matter what until the end when the dreaded statement, “I’m diagnosed with HIV” came at the end and the daughter fainted.

During the introduction, which was a tribute to the HIV/AIDS Commission, they forgot to state their names but they did not seem to realise that as they had set out to have fun and that showed every time they came on stage.

Corbin and Harper were adjudged Miss Photogenic, and their project on HIV was third.

Some of the words of their skit which dealt with the relationship between a party going daughter and her sickly mother were lost because of projection and something was missing from it. There was no transition from the opening scene where Tasha was making plans with her friend Keisha to go to the dub and ignoring her mother’s request to get her medication. It went straight from Tasha saying “no” unless she was paid $50 to her sitting at her mother’s feet in her party gear and crying after her mother lamented all she had done for her. It left some members of the audience confused.

Their Karen Brathwaite/Cosmic Design gowns, while not outstanding, were certainly different and their purple head wraps were attention grabbing. They wore them well and some of the earlier nerves that Corbin showed had disappeared during this section of the show.

While Wall and McAllister’s project was adjudged to be the second best one, they won the Miss Facebook, Miss Congeniality, and Best Introduction titles.

They were also front runners from the get go and seemed comfortable in front of the crowd. As the first delegates on stage, they set the tone of the rest of the contestants and even though there were times that Wall did not smile during the personal style segment, she was strong in the skit which portrayed a daughter who preferred bashment to going to school and a mother who seemed to have little time for her daughter.

After being told to “simmer” mummy reached out to her child and showed that together they could work through any problems.

Their Clayton Maynard designed blue and yellow gowns were very nice and they wore them well.

Heather White and Julia Brathwaithe, who were sponsored by Jordan’s Supermarket were fourth and Chidi Cheeseman and Alexis Cheeseman Hollywood Imports/Good Fortune Tours were fourth and fifth. The Cheesemans were adjudged to be the Most Improved Couple.

The talent showcase allowed the five mothers and their daughters to show off their talents in drama, dance and song although some of them should have chosen another medium as their performances were mediocre at best and they failed to resonate.

During each segment, some of the contestants never looked comfortable on stage or happy at all to be there and the audience paid them with lukewarm responses.

The contestants wore outfits designed by Nia Chris Designs (Christina Adams) during the opening segment which also incorporated the New Horizon Agency’s models.

In addition to the competition, entertainment was provided by Troy Arthur whose rendition of Lord You’re Holy was moving, Oral and Megan who danced to Etta James’ At Last, the New Horizon junior and senior models, Jay Storm who sang, Dance Tropical, and Rohan Blanche who danced.

The theme of this year’s showcase was One Family One World with a focus on family values and the patron was former educator Sylvia Goodridge. donnasealy@barbadostoday.bb

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