Trini cops, immigration under fire

PORT OF SPAIN — Has former CL Financial executive chairman Lawrence Duprey made surreptitious visits to Trinidad and Tobago during the life of the subpoena to attend the commission of enquiry into CLICO?

This is the question that Attorney General Anand Ramlogan wants the Immigration authorities and the police to answer.

Speaking at yesterday’s post-Cabinet news conference, Ramlogan said he took note of a report in yesterday’s Express which stated there were reports that Duprey had visited this country.

Ramlogan stressed that if Duprey were allowed to enter and leave Trinidad and Tobago without being served the subpoena, the police have serious questions to answer.

‘Serious indictment’

“If it is that, from our Immigration records, Mr. Duprey was allowed to enter and leave without being served, that is a serious indictment, and it raises a lot of questions that require to be answered. Because this is obviously a matter of grave and urgent public importance and requires some prio≠rity by the Police Service. One can only hope that was the approach taken by the Police Service,” he said.

He added that Government would want answers as to whether the Police Service quickly took steps to alert Trinidad and Tobago Immigration authorities who should have had his name red-flagged, so that the minute he enters Tri≠nidad and Tobago airspace or waters, he could be served with the summons.

“Mr Duprey didn’t need a summons to tell him that he is wanted by that commission of enquiry. He has had lawyers appearing for him in the commission of enquiry. I am sure that somebody must keep in touch with him from Trinidad to tell him that they (the commission’s chairman) want him to come and testify in a matter where he is the central protagonist and, indeed, the fountain≠head of the CLICO empire. So that that (summons) could not have come as a shock to him,” Ramlogan said.

He said while Duprey could not be penalised for his failure to attend the enquiry, his (and Monteil’s) no-show provides a “solid legal platform” for the commission to make an adverse finding against him. (Express)

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