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The Great Blacks in Wax Museum’s heroes posing for the camera.
The Great Blacks in Wax Museum’s heroes posing for the camera.

Imagine getting the chance to see and hear the national heroes and other great blacks of Barbados all in one place at the same time.

Well today parents and students of The Rock Christian Primary School came pretty close to that. This was when the Class One students, under the direction of teacher Tishana Ellis, opened the doors of the school’s auditorium for a production titled Great Blacks in Wax Museum.

The presentation began with student Justin Maynard impersonating National Hero Sir Garfield Sobers, decked out in the proper cricket gear right down to the bat. All 20 students presented themselves much to the delight of the audience, which cheered them on continuously.

A very animated Ellis told Barbados Today she came up with the idea of the “wax museum” as a way of teaching the children about the national heroes. Ellis said the presentation initially was supposed to be held as an in-class project but once she saw the time and effort the children put into the project she decided to have it on a grander scale.

Commenting on the children’s reaction to the showcase, Ellis said: “They were excited! I think they were more excited than I was about the idea. They took it an ran with it — they actually took a hold of the idea. From the second day they began their monologues and when they came in they knew all these different facts about the person they had to research.”

Ellis said she was very impressed with the outcome of the project and even the costumes that the students wore were their decision, as well as their props. Ellis added they only did one official rehearsal which was one day before the presentation.

One feature of the showcase was the touch/talk element in which as other students touched the statues they “came to life” with facts about themselves. The showcase began at 1:30 and lasted for about an hour. (MR)

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