Giving back to Graydon Sealy

tpetgraydonsealycareerdayGarrisonians are large, in charge and doing great things.

This was the message circulated today as the Mentorship Department of the Garrison School Alumni hosted a career showcase for present students of the Graydon Sealy Secondary School today at the school in Garrison, St. Michael.

Not only was a plethora of careers displayed today, but also the notion that regardless of what school a child attended once they had a will to learn and achieve they could.

This was made evident as students viewed the different stalls set up in the hall, all of which were manned by past students of the school. These included staff from the Barbados Water Authority, the Ministry of Health, prison service, the Light Aeroplane Club, building contractors, fashion designer Jennifer Grimes, Excel Marketing, recycling by Percy Chase, Dentist Jefferson Clarke, hair dressers, male nail technician Jefferson Slinger, a nurse from the Psychiatric Hospital, representatives from LIME, Magistrate Ian Weekes, chef Nicole Burnett, as well as NIS representatives.

Organiser of the event, Mechelle Shephard, told Barbados TODAY she saw the need to give back to the school.

“The students were very proud to see that all these people came out of the establishment and I think they appreciated what we did. If you had seen their behaviour and heard their applause you would know that they were very proud. So I just want to thank the principal and staff for allowing us, the mentorship department to host this showcase,” she said. (KC)†

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