Some relief for drainage workers

Drainage division workers awaiting pay today.
Drainage division workers awaiting pay today.

More than 100 workers employed by the Drainage Division of the Ministry of the Environment and Drainage smiled all the way to the bank this morning after receiving outstanding monies due to them.

From as early as 7 a.m. today, workers accompanied by General Secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, Denis Clarke, and his Senior Industrial Relations Officer, Wayne Walrond, turned up at the Pine headquarters to receive outstanding pay.

Speaking to a team from Barbados TODAY, Walrond said: “The latest position with the outstanding payment due to Drainage workers is that, some workers were paid today, and we expect by tomorrow the process should be completed. That is the position as we see it. The first order of the workers’ business is to go to their various banks and complete their transactions.”

Failure to show

Meanwhile, Clarke pointed out that some of the workers did not turn up for their pay today because of their strained financial circumstances. The veteran trade unionist however complained that operators, workers who drive vehicles, did not receive their pay today, but are expected to be paid tomorrow after their cheques are released by the Treasury Department.

Clarke pointed out that the NUPW called off today’s demonstration in front of Government Headquarters on Bay Street after Minister of the Environment, Denis Lowe, gave the assurance that the workers would be paid today.†He maintained that he did not accept Lowe’s explanation about the recently held general election and the recently concluded Estimates Debate resulted in the delay in the late payment of outstanding wages due to the workers.

The General Secretary asked: “How come workers who were recently employed could receive their pay, but workers with five year’s experience have to wait until tomorrow to receive theirs?”

A female supervisor with five years of experience complained that she has to return tomorrow for her pay. Another worker who had turned up to receive her outstanding pay told Barbados TODAY that she was up to her neck in debt. (NC)

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