Smokey ready for Crop-Over

Entertainer Smokey Burke is ready for Crop-Over 2013.

Pan Pun De Sand was sent to two radio stations yesterday Burke told Bajan Vibes and he noted that this year he was trying to move away from politics.

“[Pan] was released late and it wasn’t on the radar at all I had it remixed in Trinidad by Leston Paul as arranger and producer. It is not about the event at all of the same name but it could be applied,” he said.

There will be four songs from Burke this year – NCF, Bajans Too Love A But and Wuk – three have already been recorded and he is hoping to finish the other one by this weekend.

He said that he will be entering the Sweet Soca competition with Wuk but he was unsure what he would enter the Party Monarch

Burke, who is a part of the All Stars calypso tent’s line up, said that he will “definitely” be entering Pic-O-De-Crop competition again.

“After last year’s experience I was ready from the night of the Finals at the Gymnasium for competition 2013,” he said but declined to elaborate.

What he did speak about was his decision to stop singing political songs.

“I had enough of that. I need to go into another sphere, another aspect of calypso. Everybody sings about Owen and Mia, but I want something that’s fresh.

“It wasn’t difficult to find alternative topics, there are always topics out there but you have to be thinking all of the time. I have a folk song called The Girl Just Pretty But she just can’t cook. I sat on that title for 12 years, just the title,” he said.

Burke explained that conversations in the bus, in shops, could be turned into songs. He said that “you have to be clever as a writer of calypsos” and noted that people had to be “engaged”.

“People say I write controversial songs. I write provocative songs. I like to provoke thought. They’re a lot of people who say I sing over people’s heads but that’s their fault not mine. English is a fantastic language and if one understands it, the subtleties and nuances, when you combine it with Bajan, you could come [with something fantastic],” Burke said. (DS)

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