Foundation angered by gruesome killing

Brenda Belle

The September 3rd Foundation today issued a solemn apology to the family of Brenda Belle, whose grisly murder shocked the island Tuesday night, further calling for an immediate protocol to deal with domestic violence.

The non-profit charity, formed after the September deaths of the Campus Trendz women, expressed “profound feelings of horror and disgust” at the murder of Belle, who was chopped to death by a male assailant.

“Our deepest condolences go out to the relatives of the Guyana-born Brenda Belle, all of whom, it appears, reside overseas. But we would also like to extend a huge apology to them!

“We believe that we speak for all of the responsible, decent, right-thinking people of Barbados when we apologise to Ms. Belle’s relatives for the collective failure of our law enforcement and social welfare system to protect Ms. Belle and to save her from the grisly fate that destroyed her precious life last Tuesday night.

“We are appalled that a woman could be violently attacked in so public a place as the Fairchild Street Market by a man who clearly had a history of inflicting violence on her; that she could be stabbed or cut so badly that she required medical attention at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital; that the matter could be reported to the police; and that she could be simply left in an unprotected condition, and so accessible and vulnerable that her assailant was able to complete his mission of murder a mere three days later!”

The foundation lamented that something was wrong with the scenario, charging that the system had failed Belle “in a most shameful manner”.

The organisation further called on the public to denounce the failure and demand reforms.

“What is the ‘protocol’ that is applied when it is reported to the authorities that a woman has been the victim of extreme domestic violence? Is there a Protocol?

“When a woman reports to the Accident & Emergency Department of the QEH suffering from stab wounds or other physical injuries inflicted by a male, is the matter automatically reported to the police, or to a specially designated social worker, or to a domestic violence victim protection institution such as the Save Foundation?

“When it is reported to the police that a woman has been violently assaulted by a male, what is the protocol? Do the police really refuse to intervene until that are in receipt of a written medical report on the victim? Do the police automatically contact any of the institutions that offer assistance to the victims of domestic violence?” September 3rd Foundation, queried, calling for answers from the commission of police, the attorney general, the Bureau of Gender and Affairs and the director of the hospital.

“The September 3rd Foundation is hereby urging all of the women’s organisations of Barbados to mobilise themselves and to take immediate steps to ensure that a proper official protocol is put in place, mandating an effective and serious response to all reports of domestic and other violence against women,” it stated. (LB)

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  1. Maria May 3, 2013 at 3:18 am

    My sister was murdered in the same manner in Barbados. After being stalked for weeks by her ex-partner. Visits and statements to the police still left her in an unprotected state.
    There is no ‘protocol’ or urge to protect the lives of women at risk, you run and hide as best you can, seems to be the only choice. Its heartbreaking that our lives seem to be not worth the effort to detain and question the ones who terrorize our women.

  2. lynda May 3, 2013 at 8:09 am

    wow, i first want to applaud the foundation that is so sincere and speak out for” so angry i dont know where and how to wrap my head around i was abused by my bajan husband, i took him to court and got a protection order against him.for the people who condone this in any way is heartless as the murderer

  3. Ron Warren May 3, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    I applaud this organization and trust that the police will pay attention to what she has said and more importantly immediately put procedures in place to ensure that this does not happen again.

  4. Randy May 3, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Men are going to continue killing women in Barbados and throughout the caribbean because the men know that they are just going to prison to get “fat” nothing is ever done.
    When is anything going to be done, when the Prime Minister or a member of his cabinet gets murdered will it have to get to that stage before something can be done
    I think our laws are too lenient, come on bring back the hangman lethal injection anything so we can use as a deterrent.
    These women are our mothers wives and girlfriends they are the ones who brought us into this world who tend to us when we are sick yet we continue to cut them down like they are stray animals in someone’s field.

  5. June May 3, 2013 at 3:06 pm

    This is indeed a ridiculous situation where a report of physical abuse can be made and the victim is required to get a medical report before any action can be taken…….. this is disgusting and shameful in this day and age.

    The Authorities whoever they are should hasten to right this wrong. Our Women are in need of greater protection. I too, join the others in applauding the September 3rd Foundation in calling for an immediate protocol to deal with Domestic Violence.

  6. Patricia May 3, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    All of this got me shaking cause i am a regular visitor to a certain police station but nothing is being done about my complaints …… where else should i go???????

  7. Sylvia May 3, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    I applaud this organization and trust that the authorities will stand up and listen and take action……now!

  8. GG Gold May 3, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    I have seen how some Guyanese women are treated by Bajan men makes me sick. I heard one Guyanese woman being told by a Bajan man he found her in the gutter. I said if you found her my dear in the gutter means you were there to. It is harder for women from different countries when they are abused especially in Barbados. I KNOW. My wealthy ex Bajan husband was arrested in Dallas , Texas USA for battery and assault when we were married. I should have let him pay the piper and face the consequences of his crime. He feels not an ounce of regret for what he has done he has done worse to me or and far worse.

    He even told me when he travels to the USA he is even detained.His charm does not work in the USA and at US customs they do not know him from Adam. Must bruise his ego. They are wondering how he was arrested and allowed back in the USA.
    Why because of a naive wife who loved her abuser.

    Imagine this he is free and he cussed at me for causing him to be made uncomfortable from time to time from US customs.

    Maybe he should have thought about this before he hit me egh?
    When a man abuses a woman he is arrested here in the USA and charged.
    The woman does not have the choice to change her mind and drop charges.

    Because we try to end domestic abuse that can lead to murder more often than not.
    Often us women forgive the abusers BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. I regret my naive choices.

    My husband at the time he is very connected to in Barbados cried said he felt bad swore to make my life better.

    He lured me to his country never forgave me for having a Bajan Man arrested. How dare I? Wrong. How dare him ever hit me and all the other numerous things he did.
    Upon being arrested in the USA he was brazen and bold enough to admit he had hit me that saying ” I hit her”, because of how she was acting. he had the audacity to say.

    Saying :I deserved it. This is documented. The police said we seldom get men who admit to hitting their girlfriends, significant others, and or wives. But he was in the mind set the USA is like Barbados he nearly got deported to.
    In fact one arresting officer said it is always I didn’t hit her she fell down. I swear Officer I did not hit her. Here is a Bajan Man from means and very connected saying . Yes I hit her. He was shocked he got handcuffed. He was explaining that I had been mouthing off to him. Police did not care what I said , “They said you hit her and that is enough for us. Your admittance shows you have no remorse and the district attorney will be happy to know all of this.
    He did not think anything would happen because he had abused me in Barbados and nothing ever happened. I cried when he was arrested . The police were now my enemies. They in my mind were breaking up my family we had a young child at the time. I was now not upset at the mark he had put on my face but “How dare the police defend me? When The district attorney did indeed see that my ex husband had admitted to hitting me toppled with my bruise he upped the charges to felony assault charges. I cried and when my ex husband hired a top lawyer. I went and covered for him.I loved him what was I to do?
    I should have left , Oh How I wish that I had left .
    The man I loved he asked me to cover for him. Subsequently, I was called into the police station and told this ” We are considering arresting you for “obstruction of justice.” We know he abuses you we have the photo he admitted you back talked him and he said I hit her to shut her up.
    They said if you let him get off of these charges he will do far worse to you. I started crying and a female
    detective had tears stroll down her face begging me to protect myself.

    I said it will be ok. She said come back in ten years and tell me he did not do worse. She was right.

    He lured me to Barbados I forgave him we had a few really beautiful years. He asked me not to work.

    To be with our son the abuse started again. This time it was mainly emotional. We we separated he started economically abusing me. I could not take it . I did not fair well when he told me he used me tohave a baby and was keeping this child from me. That he had asked me to his country to do this because
    he said in his words. “I can do what I want in Barbados.”

    I was haunted by the detectives words. I still am. I was worse like she said I would be for staying with him.

    I lost everything I did not care if I lived or I died. He would do things turn off utilities and he sit my mom down and told her that he would see me destroy myself , commit suicide and do the world a favor.

    He knew what he was doing. When he turned off the phone my mom at the age of sixty one years old suddenly died. I had Doctor Richard Corbin write that my moms death was related to my case and my divorce contributed to my moms death. I used to read and re read what my therapist had written. He said Ms so and so has been under tremendous stress. the sudden loss of her mom is related to this case. I lost everything . The detectives , the police were right.

    Recently. I had to come back to the USA I had a break down. While I am in the USA trying to heal . Same ex husband comes in and kicks my friend who was over seeing the matrimonial home that I was awarded peaceful occupancy of to get out.

    I cried so hard to GOD when will it ever end? When will it. Wishing I had never been lured to Barbados where he can do as he wants.

    I am not from Barbados so I had no family to help me. I have a lawyer this time who filed on him for contempt of court who is not intimidated by his status quota she cares for me as a human who has made mistakes and bad choices. But she sees me as the victim of this man. She tells me I am stronger than I give myself credit for.

    I often feel so stupid I took him back and stayed. What will people think?This lawyer is a woman of GOD not in words but of action

    I mean surely I saw this coming from a mile away.

    I hope all stories of women who have been abused or even children from abusive homes because this is where I come from this is why I stayed because somewhere inside of me and other women like me. We feel we deserve no better.

    We think love comes with hurt. You will ask why do they not leave. It was instilled in us , many of us feel we deserved to be abused.
    We settle for this and sadly sometimes some of us even get killed Nicole Simpson and Brenda Belle.

    She may have been scared to get help in Barbados.I mean she is not from your country she is from elsewhere.

    Well I am an American and I feel bad for her family. I care . I know

    oh to well how I was treated in Barbados not being from there and how even women from Barbados get abused not to down play the abuse of Barbadian women to. Abuse is a world wide issue and so
    are domestic murders.

    This man is a monster.

  9. sharon May 3, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    we r told take our matter to the police dont take matter in our hand …but who protect us they come to your home shake the other party hand smile in they face an then address u … not a laffing matter ..take it for granted it could b your mother or sister lying in a pool of blood ….wake up no court should allow two party to stay in the same home one should leave until the matter is settle for safety …what would it take a lot more blood


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