Erdiston programme lauded

For many children, it is only through attending school that they learn about health and family life.

This was the assertion of UNICEF representative, Khim Sandi-Lwin as she addressed the 15 graduates of the Health and Family Life Education Certificate Course at the Erdiston Training College in St. Michael yesterday.

Congratulating them on their success she also commended the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, who in collaboration with the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, instituted the programme, “for taking a step in the right direction” and seeing the importance of such a holistic programme.

The one year course constituted of courses such as: Sexuality and Sexual Health, Self and Interpersonal Relationships, Eating and Fitness and Managing the Environment.

Acting Senior Tutor at the College, Maxine Moore, said she too was pleased with what the college was doing in terms of better educate teachers on how to teach the subject of health and family life education. For example, she said, other programme offered at the college also contained components of health, family life or HIV. In addition all of the programmes offered by the college in the home and education primary and secondary programmes likewise contained components of HIV. Every year the college held a health fair which also included elements of HIV and portions of the HFLE programme.

This more extensive training programme was a continuation of the health and family life education course previously offered by University Of the West Indies Open Campus. (KC)†††

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