Big soca cast

de big show tent aiming to be the ‘ultimate in calypso’

Six performances, streaming, young regional soca stars and a superb cast should all make for a great Crop-Over season for De Big Show.

Manager John King told Bajan Vibes via telephone that the tent will be returning to its original aim of being the “ultimate in calypso”.

The launch is set for May 25 after which they should be opening their doors at the Plantation Theatre on June 23 for the first show.

“This year we’re going to be doing live streaming also to try to capture people who live in the diaspora, those who live overseas. Every night we will be streaming for those people who want to stay home and watch the show from the comfort of their own home, they can swipe their credit card.

“We’re also going to be trying to put on what I call more of a show than the traditional calypso tent approach. All the bell, lights that you can think of, the technology we will be using it. My plan this year is to carry De Big Show to what it was supposed to be from the beginning, and that is a big calypso show and not necessarily a big calypso tent.

“The tent conjures up a certain mind set that is not in keeping, in my humble opinion, with what is happening with entertainment in the 21st century. We have a lot of innovations that are going to be happening but it will depend on material,” King said.

The calypsonian, who will be sitting out this season because of health reasons, said his focus is to get the tent which he co-founded, to the point “where it was really supposed to be maybe three years ago”.

“It is to be the ultimate in entertainment where calypso is concerned. I just don’t want it to be another tent vying to win things, it has to go beyond that. I want that when people come through the door they’re so thoroughly entertained that they don’t worry bout who will win what. I want them to have a real nice night out, that’s what we’re aiming for this year,” King said.

The cast includes reigning Pic-O-De-Crop monarch Red Plastic Bag, Gabby, Adonijah, Biggie Irie, TC, and Classic who joins them from Bacchanal Time.

The younger performers – Kadijah, Sweetness and Miguel- are not in the line up however.

King is working with Kadijah who sang with De Big Show for the last two years.

He is also of the view that people had to earn the right to perform in the show.

“When you look at the cast that was assembled they were all hand picked by myself based on what I forsaw and what I was trying to achieve with the Big Show. I wanted to have a place where mature audiences can come and see the best of the best perform. They would know what to expect and enjoy it. I think I’m trying this year to get back to the very basic principles …,” the entertainer added. (DS)

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