Believe in yourself

One of the best medicines you can ever give yourself is self belief. Have you ever realised how important self belief is? To me it is like how a plant needs water to grow without it the plant would wither and die.

I have realised that in life you should always believe in yourself. When we truly begin to believe in ourselves and our abilities so many things are possible. I always remember when I first decided to host the Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant many persons laughed and thought that the pageant was something not to be taken seriously as never before did anyone think that plus size women could be elegant.

Imagine if I had listened to all the negative comments and criticisms I faced with my show; it would not be one of the most popular and well organised pageants in Barbados having now achieved 10 years.

So many times we sit idly by while opportunities pass us by, because we are afraid to fail or be laughed at. Many of the most successful people we read about in magazines or hear about in the news had doors slammed in their faces or their ideas shot down. What they had over the average individual is the drive and the will to believe to go after what they wanted.

Self belief isn’t a pill that you can take; it takes many sleepless nights, rejection and probably even tears to reach it. Nothing that is worth fighting for ever comes easy. You maybe hunting for a job or even thinking of starting your own business but you have to believe in yourself and your abilities that you will be great and achieve all the success that your heart deserves.

I always heard my great grandmother say that positive thinking always breeds positive results. So we all need to think positive and believe that the sky is the limit once we believe in ourselves. With so many of us on the hunt for the jobs and a secure future, when we look around everything seems so bleak but I always say that God doesn’t give us more than we can bear and as a quote I saw on the internet said; “when we are down to nothing that is when God is up to something”.

When a train goes into a tunnel all seems dark but for persons who have travelled on a train, there is always light at the end of it. Always remember there are persons out there who are in worse positions than you or who even may have gone through what you maybe going through right now. Many of them might be sitting next to you at work or even travelling next to you on the bus with the brightest smiles you could ever imagine.

The race was never made for the swift but for those who endured to the end. Life is not a sprint but a marathon so pace yourself for the journey ahead!!! Have a wonderful week ahead!!!††

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