Admiral: Health comes first

admiraltibetAdmiral Tibet’s “conscious” vibes run deeper than his lyrics.

Hailing from the Freehill, St. Mary, Jamaica, Admiral Tibet also adopts a clean and healthy personal lifestyle which includes taking care of his body through proper diet and exercise. Just watching the vintage reggae singer on stage at the recently – held Digicel Reggae on the Hill, it was hard not to notice his youthful energy, sculpted arms and overall physique. “We healt’ and strength come first. No matter what your healt’ come first. No matter what I am doing I find time to eat properly, not just a belly full and exercise is a good thing…,” he asserted to LOVING ME after his engaging and powerful performance at Farley Hill National Park.

“It is important for people to eat right, because it don’t make sense to take care of the car that you have and the material t’ings and don’t find time to take care of yourself. Self come first.” Born Kenneth Allen, he started his career in the 1980s and became known for hits like Leave People Business, Babylon and Don’t Try to Dis Me. While he has enjoyed success throughout his career, he revealed that he has been touring more in recent years than when he first started.

“With the conscious music you don’t get the pay the same time… This is the time I am getting my real pay. The younger artists don’t have the patience for that. So whatever song to make money, that is what they gonna do. It is about the money. But some of them are in the mentee and the conscious so we give thanks and praise for that.”

While on the road, he makes sure to get in 80 to 100 press-ups in the morning and again at night. When he is back in Jamaica however, Admiral Tibet works out in his home gym.

“…At all times I want to see my six-pack. I don’t want to see no belly,” he added with a laugh. “Keeping in good shape and looking good and at the same time, being mentally and physically fit are essential.”

The Serious Time singer’s diet mainly comprised vegetables, fish and “lots of nuts”. He even shared the ingredients to one of his favourite “blends” with LOVING ME: “I use the [coconut] jelly and the water, pumpkin seed, flaxseed, almond, ripe banana and blend it and you get a very delicious drink. One cup of that can fill you up for the day!” (LW)

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