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Romario King, 3-5, received 80 per cent or more in four subjects.
Romario King, 3-5, received 80 per cent or more in four subjects.

More than 70 students of Princess Margaret Secondary School were this morning awarded for their academic results and attendance.

During the ceremony at the Six Roads, St. Philip school’s incentive programme, students from First to Fifth Form who have “done very well” were given “positive reinforcement in a tangible way”.

Acting Principal Wayne Willock congratulated the awardees and told them it “was such a good feeling” to know there was an improvement and urged them to continue to strive for higher things.

“I want to say that this scheme is one which has proven to be very motivational to our students at all year levels. We have to thank Captain Cummins and his team for making this scheme a reality.

“We need to thank every single teacher at the school for their commitment and dedication, which is needed, to enter the necessary scores in a timely and accurate manner a process without which the scheme would fail,” the Principal said.

Coordinator of the Incentive Scheme Award, Captain Len Cummins, said the programme started in 2010/11 and there was a break during the last academic year.

“We’re looking to award students for academic achievement, those who get 80 per cent or more in each of their subjects so the more subjects they get 80 per cent in the higher their reward. They also get awarded for good attendance at school and classes,” he said.

Cummins, who also teaches Information Technology, Electronic Document Preparation and Management and Mathematics, said the students’ self esteem had improved.

“I find that students coming here think somewhat low of themselves, so we wanted to find a programme that would help them to raise their self esteem and this is doing it very tremendously.

“The perception of society, as it relates to certain schools, sometimes when some students come here they probably wish that they were somewhere else and one of our goals is to help them realise that this is a school just like any other school and they can actually achieve,” he said.

Cummins added: “[The programme] is changing that thinking and hopefully as people out there see great things coming out of this school it would change the outlook and make Princess Margaret a school of choice.”

He added that one of the aims of the programme was to look for and invite alumni who would have left within the last six years and who are successful at their level whether at the university or in business, to speak to the youngsters.

“It is to show the students that not only when you reach 40 you can be successful but that you can be successful as you leave school and are going into your 20s. This has been proving fruitful as well.”

Former student, Clinton Williams, who presented the certificates, told the students it was good to be back at the school. He also said that “hopefully” the programme would bring some pride to the school and he encouraged the students to do well. (DS)

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