Hill is played out

Okay now! The Digicel Reggae Festival is over and done with and it is now onto the Crop-Over Festival. The weaves that were glued or stitched on have now been detached — partly due to being water logged during the two main events of the festival.

The fashion parade was in full effect on Sunday on the hill, and as in previous years I was very impressed at the talent on show. No! Not the talent on stage, but the talented females in attendance. Talent was revealed in the ability to walk in the fancy shoes while wearing the long skirts and swizzle tailed dresses.

Very short shorts seems to be the attire of the show, and walking in heels and wearing shorts while navigating the terrain at Farley Hill shows off a bit of talent. What was even more amusing was when the rains continued to pour and the mud claimed the heels and flats alike. I was even offered a pair of ladies shoes at the end of the show, but had to turn them down as they were not my style.

Amusing as it was in the mud, seeing the fancy fashions and the expense many went through, I am still not too sold on shows at Farley Hill. Rain fall or sun shine it is one of the most uncomfortable places to attend shows of the magnitude of the Reggae Festival.

It has surely outgrown it and is crying out for a venue. The million dollar question is: Where? They are no other places in my mind that fits this show. I have a soft spot for Bush Park but don’t think the promoters will want to go there.

Whether they do or don’t, I believe there is a need to have another venue developed; one that will not only accommodate the crowd of people but one that will allow easy access to and from the venue. Parking in mud when the rain is falling is not my idea of parking safely especially when you are driving a car or any vehicle that isn’t a 4×4. Once again I ask where that place will be.

We are capable here of putting on the most spectacular shows. We put the most entertaining artiste on stages and satisfy the cravings of the audience but we seem to not have a futuristic thought in mind as far as growth. You have to have a plan in place in the event that your event burst at the seams and the need to expand arises.

This is the same with many things happening here business wise; we get very comfortable and don’t see advancing as a necessity but as an expense. Sometimes it is not from lack of trying but lack of funds. Let’s face it people, Barbados is not cheap to do anything at all, not even dying.

On the other hand, I wait to see what the coming festival has to offer. Will it be the same old tired events or will some life be injected into the festival. Only three Cavalcades to get us into the groove of things and so far I am hearing some dub music, which some are calling soca, on the airwaves.

I too love dub, but please disc jocks, learn the genres and what makes music what it is. Get to understand the necessary beats and know that too far left can never be right.

As usual, Blood will be releasing his music and album in a matter of hours, but those looking for anything from me and many more too soon will have a longer wait. It cost a good few dollars to do proper recordings, and money is not too easy to come by these days.

What I want to say though is that topics will be exciting and music is expected to be sweet. Expect the usual poor recordings to surface but they will fade just as fast as they surface. Hopefully they will improve with the right assistance.

To all those who rallied behind the reggae acts over the past week, I hope to see you come out and support the local acts just the same. Get your expensive weaves ready and your fancy shoes and outfits. Make sure you are fit and do eat well when you go out.

The word is that the hair on some heads cost so much that some have to feast on packet noodles instead of the normal meals they are accustomed to.

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