Foster triumphs

Sabeel Foster (foreground) and Cory Fanus during their doubles match against D’Andre Thorpe and Derion Hurley.
Sabeel Foster (foreground) and Cory Fanus during their doubles match against D’Andre Thorpe and Derion Hurley.

Sabeel Foster was crowned the new junior king of badminton on Sunday when the curtain came down on the 2013 Dacosta Mannings National Junior Badminton Championships at the Barbados Community College in an epic battle in the Under-19 Boys’ Singles title match, when he defeated D’Andre Thorpe 21-15, 18-21, 21-18.

Foster started aggressively, wasting no time and jumped out to an 11-6 lead at the first interval. His strategy was perfect as he played a very flat and fast-paced game, not allowing Thorpe to smash the shuttle at any time.

Thorpe appeared somewhat intimidated as Foster seemed to be everywhere, taking full advantage of his superior footwork.† Foster was in full control, and despite his up-tempo game he executed many deceptive drop shots, to extend his lead by 7 points (19-12).

Despite Thorpe scoring four straight, it was much too late, with Foster taking the† first honours.

More of the same followed as Foster continued to put on a show. His power game continued to pay dividends with some outstanding drives, where Thorpe’s attempted blocks proved unsuccessful. However, Foster changed tactics and started to lift the shuttle, allowing for Thorpe to smash the bird and pull within 2 at the interval (11-9).

Thorpe now had the formula, having started to move Foster laterally around the court, to set up easy shots to score.† With the momentum and crowd in his favour he levelled the score at 12 and then scored six unanswered points to extend the lead to 17-12.

Although Foster dug himself into a hole, he seemed determined not to want to† lose and with dogged determination and excellent defensive strokes, pulled within 2 before Thorpe played a spectacular drop shot, leaving Foster on the floor to win the second game.

In the final game, Foster once again held the advantage, only to allow Thorpe to utilize his full reach to smash the bird and pull within one point (19-18).† Foster would stop the bleeding to attain his first match point, and he did not waste it. Foster caught Thorpe moving forward and flicked him which sent Thorpe scrambling to his backhand side, which he returned wide out of court, giving Foster the win.

Foster’s celebration did not stop there as he would later return with Cory Fanus to defeat Thorpe and his partner Derion Hurley in the Under-19 doubles match† which they won 21-16, 14-21, 21-14.

Under-17 singles champion Shae Martin was able to secure his three additional titles, when he defeated Jehu Gaskin in the Under 15 singles title 21-12, 21-13 and, when he paired with Gaskin to beat Gavin Robinson and Kennie King 21-9, 21-6 in the doubles division. The third came when he and Amanda Haywood, who won three titles herself, defeated the duos of Jaleel Arthur/Onika Moe and Joseph Tseu/Gabrielle Croney, 21-4, 21-9 and 21-3, 21-4 respectively.

In the Under-11 division, Keenan Scantlebury defeated his brother Dominick, 21-10, 21-19, while both became the doubles champions after a hard fought doubles match against Harrison Griffith and Aiden Woodvine which they won 19-21, 21-13, 21-12.

Summarised scores: Singles Under 11 Boys Final

Keenan Scantlebury def. Dominick Scantlebury 21-10, 21-19

Under 15 Boys Final

Shae Martin def. Jehu Gaskin 21-12, 21-13

Under 19 Boys Final

Sabeel Foster def. D’Andre Thorpe 21-15, 18-21, 21-18

DoublesUnder 11 Boys

Keenan Scantlebury/Dominick Scantlebury def. Harrison Griffith/Aiden Woodvine 19-21, 21-13, 21-12

Under 13 Boys

Joshua Archer/Shomari Smith def. Aren Cupples/Johnathan Gardiner 21-16, 24-22, 21-18

Under 15 Boys

Jehu Gaskin/Shae Martin def. Gavin Robinson/Kennie King 21-9, 21-6

Under 17 Mixed Doubles (Round Robin) Champions – Shae Martin/Amanda Haywood

Shae Martin/Amanda Haywood def. Jaleel Arthur/Onika Moe 21-4, 21-9

Shae Martin/Amanda Haywood def. Joseph Tseu/Gabrielle Croney 21-3, 21-4

Under 19 Boys

Sabeel Foster/Cory Fanus def. Derion Hurley/D’Andre Thorpe 21-16, 14-21, 21-14

Other Summarized Results Under 11

Harrison Griifith/Aiden Woodvine won by walkover (Mckenzie Howard)

Under 15 Boys

Kodie King/Khamal Scantlebury def. Joseph Tseu/Liam Woodvine 21-13, 21-9Jehu Gaskin/Shae Martin def. Kai Miller/Kyle Wood 21-4, 21-6

Under 19

Derion Hurley & D’Andre Thorpe def. Daniel Duncan/Shae Martin 21-12, 21-12††††

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