Cycling doc convicted

MADRID – The doctor at the centre of the biggest doping scandals in cycling, Eufemiano Fuentes, has been given a one-year suspended prison sentence.

Fuentes and four other defendants were charged with endangering public health by performing blood transfusions and other doping practices on their clients.

Fuentes and former Kelme team manager Ignacio Labarta were both found guilty of endangering public health – they have 10 days to decide whether to appeal the verdict handed down by Judge Julia Santamaria – but three other defendants were acquitted.

The case centered on a series of arrests by Spanish police following a 2006 raid on a Madrid clinic.

As doping was not a crime in itself in Spain in 2006 the defendants were charged with endangering public health and for his part in the scandal, Fuentes has been handed a one-year suspended prison sentence and banned from practising sports medicine for four years.


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