Cops kill minister’s rottweiler

PORT OF SPAIN — A dog belonging to Minister of Justice Christlyn Moore was shot dead by the police yesterday morning at Grapefruit Avenue, Maraval. According to police around 11 a.m. they received a call from a neighbour who said a rottweiler was running loose in the neighbourhood.

When officers arrived at the scene the dog was reported to be inside a neighbour’s house. The dog then attacked one of the officers who opened fire and shot it three times.

Police said they also received a call from a close relative asking where was the carcass of the dog. Nalini Dial, president/founder of Animals are Human Too said the officers should have tried to capture the dog.

“They could have tried to contain it, just the same as they collect strays. Or they could have called the TTSPCA who has a net to collect the dog. The easiest thing is to take it out on the animal but the dog should not be out on the road. He must be contained,” she said.

Dial said if there was rainfall in the area the animal could have been confused and escaped.

Moore refused to comment yesterday when contacted. (Guardian)

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