Angels on show


Is simply the best way to described how the little ones at the Precious Angels Preschool and Daycare looked on Saturday as they paraded at the school’s Harvest Thanksgiving parade.

The showcase, which was held at the school in Belleville St. Michael, was the climax of three months of learning about plant and animal life. In addition to the hats and costumes created for the competition,  many of the parents in attendance were in awe of the kids works which too were on exhibition.

The competition was divided into six themes: The Meaning of Thanksgiving To Me, Fun and Frolic, Hot Cross Buns, Flowers Of God’s Garden, Kiting and Growing Things.

After all the confidence filled modelling it was adjudged that in the newborn category Zakar Ashby won and Sariya Lamaison was second. Dressed as a bumble bee under the theme Flowers in God’s Garden, Lakaisha Barton was first in the toddlers category, Naadir Smith was second for Kiting, Remero Hanley third and Roache Gaskin who wore a cane cutter costume was fourth. In preschoolers the flower goddess, Aria Thompson won, second place went to Khalijah Kellman and Ricardo Highland was third.

Manager of Precious Angels, Ira Walcott–Smith told Barbados TODAY the children were very excited for the past few months and they could not wait to show off all they did.

Under the theme Growing Things the children were exposed to agriculture; in January they started a kitchen garden, in February they visited Agrofest where they obtained a pet turtle which Walcott–Smith noted they took care of very well. In some cases a bit too well because they give him everything to eat, she added.

They explored the area behind Sandy Lane Hotel in St. James to see the monkeys, learnt to make kites, egg paintings, paintings with vegetables, string art and just had all–round fun. (KC)


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