Time to take a stand

National Hero, Sir Garfield Sobers and Pastor Carlyle Isaac.
National Hero, Sir Garfield Sobers and Pastor Carlyle Isaac.

Barbados will have no impact on the evil that threatens it until its people stand before the presence of God.

This strong sermon was delivered by Pastor Carlyle Isaac yesterday as he delivered the National Heroes Day address at the Western Light Church of the Nazarene.

Suggesting that the island was going through trying moral times, the pastor said now was a time for Christian-minded heroes who would stand before God on behalf of the country.

In the address titled Heroes In Waiting, Isaac told the church when people “are moved by holy affection and by sacred obligation” they would be used of God to reverse the evil that threatens the destruction of the people.

“Whether we know it or not, God has endowed each one of us with the potential to save our families, save our communities, and save our nation, by extension, from the ravages that the Satanic forces have unleashed upon us. This is so because of the possibility of standing between what was and what can be has been given onto us,” he said.

He further noted: “We are a generation who stands between the darkness of the past and the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow. We are heroes in waiting because victory is possible, but it is only dependent on the decisions that we make at this crossroads that we are at.

“The emerging heroes will be those who have learnt to sacrifice their lives for the preservation or the salvation of others.”

He cited heroes from the early books like Genesis, noting that Adam’s generation stood at one end of the spectrum, causing God to repent having created man, while Abraham’s generation stood at the other, as an example of the kind of belief in worship. In between, said Isaac, was Noah’s generation who proved that faith could make a difference.

“He [Noah] represented the difference between what was and what can be. He was the bridge that linked the two. He built the Ark to the saving of his household.” The base nature of man, the pastor said, could do nothing to deliver people from Satan, “they had to appeal to a higher nature”.

“We will never be able to make an impact upon our world until we stand in the power of God’s Holy Spirit, sacrificing our own interest for the salvation and preservation of others…

“Those who are concerned about living according to the base and lower nature of mankind are oftentimes concerned about their honour, but those who are with God, they are about the salvation of souls,” he noted.

Heroes in waiting, he challenged, were called to be true patriots; and patriotism, he continued, “enlarges the heart and increases our affection”.

There was a selfless service which heroes gave, he noted too, pointing to the times of Sir Garfield Sobers, the only living hero, adding that there was a certain dedication that the cricketer had to have possessed to make the records that he did. Sir Garfield’s experience, he said, showed that we were all on the battlefield and those who succeeded would be those who committed themselves to be the best.

“We stand at a crossroads between the traditions of the past and a brand new experience which is the righteousness of our faith. The past generations we have heard about, served as our great heroes having acted on the principle that this nation must be a people living in peace and prosperity. They endured adversities and made a difference, not just for their day, but for generations to come.

“They represent our traditions of the past. We must now come to the place where we move from the traditions of the past and seek a new experience of righteousness for our future generations.” The late Sarah Ann Gill as well, sought to preserve the Methodist church through her actions.

“We need heroes today who will stand and declare that the message will not be stifled… Victory will come through those who have great sense of commitment and great personal sacrifice to give themselves to be the best that God would have us to be. That is how our brother was able to hit six sixes in an over…

“Our prayer today is that God will make us true heroes that we will be willing to sacrifice our lives for the sake of a generation. The eve of destruction has come upon us, but the power of God is able to reverse it and by the grace of God our next generation shall live in the name of Jesus,” he said. (LB)

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