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miamottleybusinesscasualThe 75-year-old Barbados Labour Party has reaffirmed its commitment to being the voice of the people who need to be heard.

Opposition Leader Mia Mottley said at their anniversary service at the Whitepark Wesleyan Holiness Church, that the party would continue to be there for those people who “have not made the journey to prosperity as yet. To those whose gains are now being threatened by the unrelenting assault on the stability of Barbados. To those whose dreams to conquer the regional and global stage are being deferred. To those who simply want to have the essential luxury of freedom and independence”.

Mottley added: “We say to you all we will continue to be your voice. We will defend you.

We will give you back that Independence, that freedom, and that hope for a brighter future.

“As we recommit to Barbados and to our philosophy and principles, I say to all of you, our members and supporters, we will work with each of you. “We must equally become more to our country and to our people.

“We do not simply want to be the alternative — we must strive to be the answer to the needs and the dreams of all Barbadians. “We must be active not just in our words but in our good works to ease the burdens in whatever way we can.

“We must labour with all who share our vision and our objectives for Barbados, even if they are not our members and supporters but believe in our cause — we must be the answer for them too.

“And when we will do so we will remain relevant and ensure that our voice is never silenced and that our work is fuelled by the simple and noble objective to allow all Barbadians to sleep easier and to dig deeper to fight the battles of our times,” the political leader said.

She asked the supporters and friends in the congregation for their time and support and to “own this party of yours” through their contributions, because their “future and our voice must never be determined by a few to the detriment of the many”.

Mottley added: “Be inspired that this generation, anchored by our faith in God and steered by our philosophy and our determination and our compassion, will preserve the legacy of the past but will renew ourselves to conquer the challenges of today.

“With God’s guidance, I have every confidence in the capacity of this great party to rise to the challenge of becoming truly the answer to many of the social and economic woes in Barbados and the wider Caribbean region. We must believe and spread the word that if any political party can, the Barbados Labour Party can!” (DS)

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