Stop oppressing women

This has been haunting me for years now, and I need to get it off my chest once and for all.

We continue to complain about domestic abuse, which is very important. But have we ever really taken time to look at one of the main reasons why this happens — it’s really very simple.

We men have always been made to believe that women aren’t equal to us. Even in the Bible it makes the woman to just be obedient and do whatever the man requires of her. So for years through this Christian thought process men have always continue to oppress women in whatever form they deemed fit so they can feel superior.

It’s time for us to take a very serious look at what we have been doing for all these years, and make the changes that are necessary to give all women a better way of life without this man-power belief. Make it into human power.

You have women who are doing better jobs than we as men are doing, more dedicated and dependable, but they aren’t receiving equal wages.

What’s really troubling is that we as men seem to accept having our mothers, daughters, or any other females in our family continue to be less. But our mothers carried us for nine months, and they had a choice to keep or abort us. But they chose to keep and raised us into the men who should make a difference in this world.

Instead this is the rewards that we give to all the mothers of this world. Where is our sense of love, and feelings for these women?

If we continue to impose this difference, what makes us think that the violence and abuse will change when women aren’t accepted as equal, but as object to most?

If I should die today I would die at peace knowing that I have brought something that’s truly important to the attention to the world.

— Charles Cadogan

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