Sir Marston: Respect judges

The new men and woman of “silk” pose with Chief justice Sir Marston Gibson (third left) and Attorney-General Adriel Brathwaite.
The new men and woman of “silk” pose with Chief justice Sir Marston Gibson (third left) and Attorney-General Adriel Brathwaite.

The Chief Justice of Barbados has cautioned attorneys-at-law to ensure they respect judges of the court.

Sir Marston Gibson was addressing nine new Queen’s Counsels who were appointed to the Inner Bar in the Number One Supreme Court this afternoon.

Sir Marston urged the senior attorneys to set a good example for their junior colleagues by demonstrating leadership, not only in word, but by their actions, particularly in relation to respect for judges.

He told the eight men and one woman, he hoped they would be an inspiration to others at the Inner Bar.

The Chief Justice’s advice followed a recent incident in the High Court, where a long-standing Queen’s Counsel misconducted himself before a presiding judicial officer.

The leading judge also advised the new legal counsels of “silk” to take their junior counterparts under their wings and be mentors for them.

In welcoming them to the “highest honour” in the profession, Sir Marston described their elevation as a fitting service to the fraternity and administration of justice in Barbados.

He said he also saw the occasion as historic, being the first time a fresh batch of QCs was admitted to the Inner Bar in the new Supreme Court Complex. The Chief Justice recalled that the last time senior lawyers were appointed and presented to the “front benches”, was in 2009 at the old Supreme Court before then Chief Justice, Sir David Simmons.


Sit Marston recounted how Sir David had complained about the tardiness in constructing the new judicial facilities and had promised that it would be the last time a call to the Inner Bar ceremony would be held at the former High Court buildings.

He said he was especially pleased that a female was among the men who had received “silk” this afternoon. The Chief Justice was also happy that this high honour had been bestowed, not only on those in the profession practising criminal or contentious cases, but others doing non-contentious matters.

The nine new Queen’s Counsels are Donna Brathwaite, Speaker of the House of Assembly Michael Carrington, Brian Clarke, Stephen Wilfred Farmer, Mark Goodridge, Deputy Clerk of Parliament Nigel Jones, Milton Pierce, Hal Gollop and Stephen Walcott.

Attorney-General, Adriel Brathwaite, who introduced them to the Chief Justice and other judges of the High Court and Appeal Court, traced the professional and social exploits of the nine before recommending them.

In replying to the Chief Justice’s admonition, Pierce, representing his colleagues, pledged to uphold the honour, dignity and trust of “this noble” profession and to be mentors to their juniors. (EJ)†

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