Loyal to the end

regionaljackwarnerstraighttalkPORT OF SPAIN — Chaguanas West Member of Parliament Jack Warner addressed his constituents at a meeting at the Pierre Road Recreation Ground in Charlieville last night, as he sought to clear the air on his recent resignation as National Security Minister and chairman of the United National Congress.

Warner told the audience that he remains loyal to the UNC but he intends to tender his resignation as Chaguanas West MP and contest the subsequent bye-election as a UNC candidate.

Following is the content of his full address:

My dear constituents and the rest of the national community, tonight has been a very sad night for me as I am sure it has been for all of you.

But how did we arrive at this stage?

Why is it that the very party and Government of which all of us have been so proud these past thirty-five (35) months have moved from being a beacon of hope to a dungeon of despair!!!!!!

Why? Why?

The one consolation in all of this is that tonight is just a fleeting moment in time and this too shall pass.

My dear constituents, for the past two decades, I have been the target of various kinds of attacks. I have been targeted. My family has been targeted. My friends have been targeted. My detractors have said every dirty thing under the sun about Jack Warner. But in all of that you have kept the faith in me. And for that I thank you. I thank you for trusting me and for the confidence you have shown by your very presence here tonight. Mark my words when I tell you that Jack Warner has never betrayed you and I will never betray your trust.

A time for everything

The Holy Bible says there is a time for everything under the sun; a time to sow and a time to reap; a time to be silent and a time to speak. The world of international sports politics is not a simple one. It is an arena of extremely high stakes. The remuneration packages and the perks of those jobs can be very attractive. And therefore at times the rivalry can become very intense among those lured by the trappings of office and the craving for power.

It is against this background that I have found myself a keenly pursued target. And just as in any all-fours game, how smartly you play the few pieces of trump in your hand can determine whether you win or lose.

And therefore for 20 years while I have been hounded and persecuted, I have held on to my pieces of trump; waiting for the right time to speak. Because I knew that if I spoke too soon the broader objectives that would impact positively on the football in the Caribbean, the poorer nations in the various Confederations and throughout the world could be lost.

But when I see the pain that you are going through these last few days, I have decided that I owe it to you to put your hearts at rest. I owe it to you, my dear constituents; and therefore tonight I will answer the questions that they have been asked for the last 20 years.

And I will say once again, that in no point in time did I ever try to hide these facts. I will show you that these facts have always been in the public domain. The people who have been asking the questions have always had the answers. And in some cases the truth has been a matter of public record and easily accessible to anyone interested in the truth.

Before I go forward, let me say to you that in spite of the trials, tribulations and disappointments that I have incurred; in spite of the character assassination, the slander, the ridicule of my family and the abandonment of long-time friends – in spite of the hurt, in spite of the indignities I have experienced, I stand here tonight void of hatred, animosity or ill will for my Political Leader, my party your party our party, the United National Congress or the People’s Partnership Government.

And before I continue let me place on record for those who have other ideas that I have no intention to leave the United National Congress and I have no intentions of ever being disloyal to my Political Leader and Prime Minister.

By extension therefore I have no intention tonight or any other time for that matter of betraying the People’s Partnership Government for which there is no other sober attractive alternative even at this point in time.

But while my trust and faith in our party and Government is solid as a rock, I can’t say the same about some individuals in our party and in our Government as few as they are. (Express)

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