Mottley: Just PR

miamottleybusinesscasualOpposition Leader Mia Mottley this evening dismissed as a “public relations exercise”, claims by Government’s spokesperson on finance that their strategy was the right one and was indeed working.

In a statement issued after the post Cabinet press conference held by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, the political leader of the Barbados Labour Party said that he had finally admitted for the first time since elections, that the economy was in “a far worse state than they had predicted it would be and that it is no longer stable”.

“The minister is asking for calm and finally admitting they need to adjust their Medium Term Fiscal Strategy. Yet he is asking for another four months to take the decisions they should have taken four years ago.

“He must know that his words today will do more to put individual and business decisions in Barbados on further pause.

“People are no more aware this afternoon as to how they will be affected than they were this morning. Indeed, they will hunker down waiting on these ‘sacrifices’ that have to be announced. It is like a child being told that it will be disciplined ‘when your father comes home’. They will recoil in fear until the discipline is applied.

“Minister Sinckler has finally admitted for the first time since Elections, that the economy is in a far worse state than they had predicted it would be and that it is no longer stable.

“All of the issues remain unresolved. There is still no road map nor timetable for specific decisions to correct our fiscal situation or to put our economy, and more specifically our productive sectors back on a growth path,” Mottley said.

The Opposition Leader said they were still waiting on the decisions and decisions and action and not anymore words. (DS)

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