Love is missing

I must say that generally the way we treat each other as human being is despicable.

We like to talk about love and all these other virtues that sometime seem very air-fairy.

I do not believe we as humans know how to love. Quite frankly I do not believe it is in our make up. It seems to be beyond the grasp of humans.

The sad thing about it is that love is key. I am convinced that life will continue to be miserable for many because of the lack of love.

We talk about being our brother’s keeper and looking out for each other, but the reality is that we care about ourselves. Most people do things that will benefit them. Even if it is helping others, many people offer assistance because of what they get out of the experience.

When I look around there are too many instances shouting at me ‘I Do Not Care’.

There is a monster in our society called public transport. Privately owned and Government owned.

Just last Friday, the fear of God jumped into my chest as I was travelling along Wharf Road when a driver of a Transport Board bus lost control of the minibus he was driving.

But when he got in the corner by the LIME outlet in Carlisle House my alarm changed. The smiling driver of BM515 with the number 175 on the front of it was being reckless and showing he didn’t care about anybody else using the road. He “washed” the bus to the left by LIME, he “washed” it to the right by Carters Fisherman Corner and I took the right turn that would take you to the bottom of Broad Street because I could not believe my eyes.

Then there was the minibus driver on the Speightstown route travelling along Fitts Village at 20 km/ph in the middle of the road and stopping to lookup every gap to ask even the wandering fowl-cock “You coming?”. Clearly they did not care about the long line of motorists behind them. And now that the school term has begun it is quite the opposite with them driving behind you and honking and attempting to overtake you in some very strange areas.

I believe that if the powers that be really cared about the public they would not have granted all these permits to have these people out there fighting with each other like crabs in a bucket for $2 and if they cared about the public they would not have unleashed these monsters on the road to put others at risk.

And that is just one of the things wrong with our society, so don’t go flattening the tires of our transportation system because we all give a fair share of ignorance in our daily interacting on some level as well.

This life seems to be about getting as much of whatever is there for the taking.

One of my favourite quotes comes from Beres Hammond: “There’s no true friend when your hungry, not if he is hungry too.”

It is a foolish thing, and I can put it no more subtly than that, to waste our time, making enemies as be travel along life’s journey gathering and hoarding away physical things that have no real lasting value.

Houses, cars, clothes, money, even humans, fade away. There comes a time when they are no more. We therefore need to spend our time concentrating on the things that are of God. Kindness, patience, joy and other gifts of the spirit. But of all these, love is the greatest.

When we love, there is no steeling, no lying, no adultery, no killing, no robbing, no shooting of visitors; all the negatives in our society are cancelled out if we all love.

Love bears all things, believes all things, endures all things, love never ends.

The fact that foolishness, lawlessness, and ignorance seem to be dominating our society says to me love is missing. Missing from our hearts and our lives.

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