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Cyndi gets the nod

tpetbarpessayhcIt was Cyndi Marshall’s first time entering the BARP essay competition but she is no stranger to this year’s topic choice, The Role Of The Extended Family Is Fast Disappearing†From Barbadian Society.

Furthermore, speaking to Barbados TODAY yesterday at the Main Guard at the Clock Tower in the Garrison after receiving her first place trophy in the 14 to 16 category and $600†prize money, she said she believed the fact she was raised in an extended home gave her an advantage when elaborating on the topic.

The 16-year-old Harrison College student said it was easier for her to deal with the issue because she knew first hand the benefits that could be gained from existing in such an environment.

Stating that though it was tough sometimes because hers was a family of teasers and pranksters, that family structure taught her values, morals and the life skills needed to live a constructive life.

Marshall, who resides in Holders Hill, St. James, added that she agreed wholeheartedly with the topic, adding she believed it was disappearing only because people no longer recognised they needed the extended family – even more now than before.

In the essay Marshall†touched on the fact that more people in the 16 to 18 age group were becoming parents while still growing up themselves. This, she said, resulted in children growing up with a whole set of problems, including being unmannerly, not having respect for authority and being unruly.

“In a sense my age group does not use the extended family outlet that they have because they are belligerent and stubborn and they think they can do it their own way and by themselves,” the youngster said. (KC)

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