Call to privatise landfill

NASSAU — The Bahamas National Trust is calling for a change in management at the Nassau landfill, insisting that privatisation appears to be in the best interests of the people.

Neil McKinney, the president of BNT, said the breathing of toxic fumes presents a serious health hazard and must not be allowed to continue.

While it has been an issue for decades, the issue has been brought to the fore as a fire at the landfill continues to rage, impacting western New Providence.

“I think this the kind of thing where privatisation may well help the people and the government,” he said yesterday. “It has been going on for far too many years. There needs to be a change in how the landfill is managed.”

In this latest blaze, the situation has gotten so bad that at least one school has shut down operations indefinitely.

According to Lisa Sawyer-McCartney, the president of Meridian School, the institution will not be reopening until it is completely safe for its students.

Sawyer-McCartney said the recent fire is the worst she has ever seen.

“It is absolutely appalling. The fire is raging and at first it looked fine. But when the wind changes, we instantly find ourselves under heavy smoke,” she explained.

“We didn’t want to take the risk, for the health of the children. I thought it was responsible to cancel school. We are closed indefinitely until we know it’s safe.” (Nassau Guardian)

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