Water waste

watermaintiedupTens of thousands of gallons of potable water flowed into the drains at Warrens, St. Michael for more than five hours today after workmen digging a trench for a major construction company damaged a main.

An irate superintendent of Barbados Water Authority, Stephen Miller, said: “These contractors are treating the BWA badly. We never knew they were trenching around the main.”

Miller pointed out that a joint was leaking and the construction company personnel had tied it up with a piece of cloth.

The superintendent told Barbados Today that the water flowed for the extended period because the BWA was not notified until well over an hour after the water started gushing, and then they had to secure the necessary pipe to correct the problem.

Repairs did not start until almost 5 p.m. on the leak that started gushing before noon. (NC)

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  1. lynda April 25, 2013 at 10:00 am

    there was a leak close to my home for over three weeks. i called BWA over 12 times,,,talk about excuses…..as this leak was have a direct impact on my water flow in my home, i decided to do the repairs by buying and paying a plumber to carry out the repairs. thus saving BWA thousands of gals of water which some poor consumer would have had to pay..who will refund me…i had the run around, sup, distrubution dept, to hell and back, but they are ready to disconnect people foe a mere$20.


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