Physician passes

dreustonmaynardDr. Euston Maynard, a stalwart of the medical profession and a family physician beloved in the Bush Hall, Bank Hall, and surrounding communities, is dead.

Maynard, 84, passed away quietly today at his Park Road, Bush Hall, St. Michael home with members of his family present. A product of the Bush Hall, St. Michael community, Maynard built up a r√sum√ over three decades that was marked by his passion for country, family and citizenry. His early education was at Roebuck Primary and The Lodge School before going off to the University of Manitoba, Canada, to study medicine. After successful undergraduate studies, he travelled to Boston, United States, where he was awarded the Ely Foundation Scholarship for his contribution to medical research.

He was attached for a number of years to the Mallory Institute of Pathology at Harvard Medical School, where he distinguished himself in research. He also did post-graduate studies at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico. Maynard was one of the persons instrumental in the establishment of Barbados’ first polyclinic at Warrens, St. Michael, in 1976.

Though a trained physician, Maynard’s original grounding was in the classics and he was proficient in Greek, Spanish, Flemish, French, Dutch, Italian and German.

In 1976 when Cubana Flight 455 was brought down off Barbados by terrorists, killing the 73 people on board, he spent hours at sea with the police trying to decipher documents written in Spanish in the wreckage and assisting generally with their investigations.

An accomplished concert pianist, Maynard performed in Europe and South America, and was featured on local television and radio. One of his crowning achievements was performing with the Russian Orchestra in Antwerp, Belgium.

But it was because of his medical skills and civic-mindedness that he drew the admiration of most in his community. He had a well-known reputation for never turning away patients even if they had no money to pay him.

In a previous interview with Barbados TODAY, Maynard once said: “If doctors do not like — and have no commitment to — human beings, they should get into a different profession.” Maynard, who was retired, leaves to mourn wife Maria Guadalupe, two sons, Avonello and Euston Jr. and daughter Wendy. (WG)†

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