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Pastor: Use more contraception

Pastor of the Duke Street United Church, Rev Eniola Davis.

Pastor of the Duke Street United Church, Rev Eniola Davis.

KINGSTON — Pastor of the Duke Street United Church, Rev Eniola Davis, is advocating a raft of measures including greater use of condoms and the “morning-after pill” to reduce the number of mothers having children who they cannot care for.

“These must be promoted much more and especially among our young people, particularly with a growing number of fathers disappearing,” this pastor said.

The morning-after pill is viewed by some religious and ethics advocates as tantamount to an abortion pill. The church would not countenance any action that ends the life of the unborn foetus.

The church is stridently opposed to legalising abortion and in February 2008, an alliance of church and civic groups said it would declare war against the Government if it moved to legalise abortion on demand. The group had petitions signed, signalling its disapproval.

Another group in opposition to legal abortion, the Coalition of Lawyers for the Defence of the Unborn, made a submission to the Joint Select Committee of Parliament considering abortions.

Davis said he encourages his congregants, who vary from those living in the inner city to those coming from further uptown, to look at their finances when thinking of having more children. He said many of the most vulnerable women were already marginalised as being “poor for life” and they must empower themselves to not fall deeper into problems.

We must now take responsibility for the act of sexuality,” he said. “We cannot blame God for the role played in bringing forth your child.”

Davis was responding to a story in yesterday’s Gleaner in which Jamaica College Principal Ruel Reid said Jamaica had to stop the cycle where people felt it was the norm to have children in any kind of environment. (Gleaner)

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