The mentally ill need help

I enjoy reading Barbados Today. I particularly like reading your weekly columnist Walter Edey. He comes up with many interesting topics and he handles his material well. Keep up the good work and as for [last] week’s characters, I grew up hearing about most of them. Mental illness rears its head in many forms.

Some of the characters appear harmless and we teased them for our own amusement when we were youngsters. Others have a type of mental illness that makes them hurt innocent people, like the guy who killed all those school children and teachers in Connecticut or those two brothers who terrorised Boston just a few days ago.

They need help. It is up to our governments and mental health professionals to make people aware of these people in our midst and do all they can to keep them off the streets and in treatment.

Once again, thanks to Mr. Edey for making us aware of them in their various forms. Keep up the good work. You have a quality paper.

— Arlene Haynes

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