Rowley: Resignation came too late

PORT OF SPAIN — Opposition leader Dr. Keith Rowley described the resignation of Jack Warner as national security minister as nothing more than Government’s “damage control”.

Rowley, in a telephone interview just after Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar made the announcement last night, said Warner’s resignation did not improve his estimation of her.

“It is clear that the prime minister does not act on principle, but only when there is water more than flour,” Rowley said.

“Warner’s resignation is one single brick that has been removed in the wall that stands in the way of decency,” he said.

The People’s National Movement leader said just like the Section 34 fiasco that resulted in the removal of then-justice minister Herbert Volney, Warner’s resignation came only after the public decided it was not accepting his continuation as a Government minister.

‘Damage control’

“This is not as a result of decisive action by the prime minister, this is damage control. But I have to say that I am grateful for his removal so that we will no longer carry the label of him in cabinet.”

Rowley said Warner’s resignation does not eliminate the questions that the rest of government, including Persad-Bissessar and Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, have to answer.

“I will keep on the prime minister. She has shown that she does not act in principle, but only on expediency when the political price looks too high.”

He said the Concacaf Integrity Committee report, which made damning allegations of fraud against Warner, “removed” the government’s convenient “hiding place”.

“They were hiding so that they would not have to remove Jack Warner, and this latest development removed that hiding place. They were trying to ride it out,” he said. (Express)

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