Hitches halt hand-over

by Emmanuel Joseph

valerieplumbingwipInfrastructural hitches have halted the full hand over of units to the 150 low income families who had been allocated homes at the high-rise Government apartments at Valerie, Brittons Hill, in St. Michael.

A visit by a Barbados TODAY team to the location this morning, revealed that less than half dozen home owners had taken up residence in just one of the three blocks, seven weeks after former Minister of Housing Michael Lashley announced that they would receive their keys.

It also emerged from investigations by this newspaper that units in one of the two six storey buildings, could not be occupied because running water could not reach the top floors.

Technical staff on site explained that the National Housing Corporation had been seeking to supply the complex with water directly from the main, but the pressure was inadequate to reach the upper levels.

valerieplumbing“They did not wait for each of the two 1,000-gallon tanks to fill up with water from the main, which would then be pushed by the three high-powered pumps here, so the top floors could be fed,” pointed out the artisan.

“The fifth floor was only getting a trickle, while the sixth floor was getting no water at all,” he added.

While on site, the Barbados TODAY team also observed other work being done in order to make the units habitable.

A plumber was supplying the water lines to correspond with each unit, as workers from the Barbados Water Authority stood by to connect the water and attached numbers to the metered mechanism.

One of the residents who was at home told this paper, she had settled into her new home and had no complains so far.

Of the three blocks, one has been specially designed to accommodate physically challenged person.

New Minister of Housing Denis Kellman said the delay in to the full fledged hand over of the complex related to the lack of readiness of some of the amenities.

Kellman reasoned that he did not want to have people moving in until all the services were in place. He said he supported the housing projects of his predecessor Michael Lashely and would continue to build on what he had started. emmanueljoseph@barbadostoday.bb

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