Cops want man who fleeced farmers

KINGSTON — Dean Clover Orell Williams was yesterday put on the police wanted list for allegedly obtaining credit by fraud after he reportedly fleeced farmers in St. Thomas of their produce in late December and again in January this year.

The estimated value of the produce delivered to Williams was estimated at more than $4 million, the police said.

“It is being reported that Williams negotiated with farmers in Rowland’s field, during the listed period to purchase a variety of agricultural produce from them at agreed prices. As per agreement, the produce was delivered to Williams who is yet to compensate the farmers,” a statement from the police said yesterday.

Williams, who is of dark complexion, slim build, sports a low hair-cut and is in his mid-50s, is known to frequent Highland Drive, Barrington Drive, Elmswood Terrace, and 109 Waltham Park Road, all in Kingston. (Observer)

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