Teacher accused of defrauding parent held

KINGSTON — A Spanish teacher from a St. Ann prep school was brought before the St. Ann’s Bay Resident Magistrate Court Thursday after she reportedly failed to return money to a parent who had paid for his child’s trip to the Dominican Republic.

The parent had reportedly paid US$850 to the female teacher for his son to go on the trip. However, after the trip was supposedly cancelled, the teacher failed to return the money.

The matter was then reported to the police and the teacher charged with obtaining money by false pretence.

The defendant today told the court that she intended to repay the money, but was arrested and charged before she could.

The mother of the accused paid J$85,000 over to the complainant in court.

However, the teacher will have to wait until April 26 to know if she will still face prosecution. This after the complainant told Senior Resident Magistrate Andrea Thomas that a male called his cell phone Wednesday evening and told him that if he accepted the money he would die.

“You have a right to your money,” Thomas declared.

After hearing that the only person who was told about the incident was the brother of the accused, Thomas said that if the complainant was further threatened the matter would be placed on the trial list.

Thomas then issued a stern warning to the teacher and her mother that they should inform family members not to interfere in the matter.

The teacher, who is also the mother of two, was offered bail in the sum of $150,000. (Observer)

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