On a ‘Kwest’

Karlos and his finaceé Sheré King.

One of the most rounded young gospel artistes in Barbados has just finished shooting his third music video.

Karlos Cobham’s Leh Me Introduce You, was done over two days — last Saturday and Sunday — at Sheraton Centre Mall in Christ Church.

Cobham, who is a graduate of the prestigious Berkeley College of Music and York University where he studied film, is expected to release this latest video by the end of this month.

Leh Me Introduce You, he submits, is youthful, energetic and uptempo and gives the assurance that “He (God) is always there for you, it’s right, you know it’s true, he’ll always be by your side; he’ll never let you go, say yes and you will know, none other purpose in life.”

This multi-talented artiste, with a passion for working with young people, is also in the process of producing an album, which he plans to promote by embarking on a world tour.

Already his expertise in film has been recognised on the continent.

Cobham’s first music video, released in 2012 and which doubled as a short film, won the Caribbean leg of a film competition in the United Kingdom. The “work” titled Transcend, took him to Pinewood Studios, where James Bond movies were shot and where he rubbed shoulders with some of the “big guns” in the industry.

This song encourages people to be strong, hold on and transcend to another level.†As a result of meeting with some of the major award winning and globally-recognised film producers, consideration was being given to have them come to Barbados for a summer programme starting in July.

“So in August they should be here, so in July the young people here would be working on their craft, the writing. Our programme is called Quest Summer Programme, and if you are interested in the arts, we do acting for stage and screen; writing for stage and screen. You can check it out on Facebook, ‘Kwest’.”†His second music video Don’t Wait ‘Till Christmas!, was produced in Toronto in November 2011, when he was studying at York University.

“During my stint there, I was studying film and theatre, you know, passionate about the arts. Then we decided, you know what, this song has a powerful message. It says, don’t wait ’till Christmas to show the love, joy, peace and harmony…,” related Cobham.

The articulate and charismatic lay minister, is also scheduled to take up an offer to pastor a church in Canada some time later this year.

“I will not abandon Barbados – Barbados is my home. I will also continue to spread my music while carrying out my pastoral duties,” he asserted.

“I love the Lord with all my heart, soul and spirit. I love film, music, the arts. I try pretty much to use all of those gifts that God has given me for his honour and for his glory, so that others could pretty much be encouraged, inspired, and understand that they are nothing without God,” he responded, when asked to explain who was Karlos Cobham.

As far as his music exploits were concerned, the soon-to-be-married singer told High Note his debut single It’s Amazing, was essentially a declaration and testimony of how God turned his life around.

“I will never turn back,” insisted Cobham.

Due to technical problems, we were unable to show the video interview and music videos with Cobham last week. So you can now check out that attached video for all the interesting details behind this inspirational and informative gospel act. emmanueljoseph@barbadostoday.bb

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