Culinary delight

bhta luncheon a feast for the palate

From Plantain Crusted Mahi Mahi to Bajan Passion Fruit Molten Cake, the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association’s biennial culinary team luncheon did not disappoint but rather, surpassed expectations.

The luncheon, which was held at the Grill Restaurant in the Hilton Barbados Hotel, was part of a training session for the chefs who used mostly items indigenous to Barbados in their cooking. The three-course meal included fruits, meats and vegetables such as breadfruit casserole, coconut caviar, chicken breast on tamarind pool and lemon grass rice.

Assistant Executive Vice-President of the Barbados Culinary Team, Michelle Smith-Mayers, said the team was training for their first competition at Taste of the Caribbean in Miami Florida. She said that the gourmet lunch gave the chefs an opportunity to test their culinary skills on others besides those who were in their comfort zone.

“One of the hardest things was bringing all of these different people to work together as a team in a short period of time, but they are really working very well.”

Smith-Mayers, who said she anticipates the team will win a gold medal, said that everyone produced fantastic ideas and one of the main aims was to get the chefs to use local produce so that whatever is done is a celebration of Barbados.

Special projects coordinator of the Barbados culinary team, Judy Wilkinson, said that the team has gelled well. In addition, she said she had no doubt that the team would do well against other regional countries in the completion.

One of the guests who had the opportunity to try the food of the local chefs was Glendene Bartlett, who said: “Some of the things which they combined I never would have thought about. The beef with pineapple was really great and the chicken and tamarind pool [as well].” (MR)

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