Senior brutally murdered

At the crime scene.

KINGSTON — Robbers brutally attacked and killed a 93-year-old pensioner after they broke into his Gilmore Drive, St. Andrew home between Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

The dead man, identified as Lauriston McLarty, was found by neighbours about 9:00 am yesterday.

His hands and feet were bound, and according to police on the scene, a hassock was used to suffocate him.

The gruesome murder drew tears from McLarty’s neighbours, who described him as a frail old man who was always pleasant.

“Him was a decent old man. No one should ever try hurt him. Him was weak, and even if them did want to rob him, them could have locked him up in the bathroom. Why did they have to kill him like that?” a female resident of Gilmore Drive said.

One neighbour who claimed to have seen McLarty’s body before the police arrived, said his killers had also stuffed a piece of cloth in his mouth and was adamant that his killers were known to him.

“Them know him, and him know them. Is not a man from Montego Bay or Mandeville come and do this. Is people who know seh him live alone over there. Them stuff cloth in him mouth and use a hassock and suffocate him. What a wicked act,” the man said.

The killers entered the house by cutting a burglar bar to a bathroom window. Police report that the house was ransacked.

Residents of Gilmore Drive who gathered at the scene complained that their community had been overrun by drug addicts who had committed a series of break-ins and robberies in recent months.

“They used to steal his mangoes and they broke into his house many times. They also broke into a house beside his, and as a result the people who lived beside him moved out only a week ago. They also stole a car from a house about two houses down from him. We are under siege at Gilmore Drive,” a neighbour said. (Observer)

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