Love our children

Being the Director of the Miss Big & Beautiful Pageant I have been blessed to encounter many different and unique personalities over the past 10 years. What saddens my heart is the way that children who are plus sizes are treated at school and sometimes at home.

Any adult who was unfortunate to be larger than the average size child can recount how awful they were treated at school. I will never understand why this occurs. The amazing thing is that not only children of a certain size are ridiculed but any child whose head maybe a bit larger or nose or even lips are ridiculed.

Where are these harsh criticisms coming from? Are these kids hearing this at home and regurgitating these comments at school? Are the images viewed on television to blame? Or is it that we are just a critical society? I cannot fathom how some kids can be so cruel.

I was not full figured at school so honestly I was not on the receiving end of these comments but I heard and saw what some of these harsh comments did too many of my school mates.

I will always say that everyone is unique in their own way. What a boring world this would be if we all looked the same way. In saying that, why then do we criticise each other so much? I will never condone or glamorize childhood obesity but if you have a child who is over weight what do you do?

Some children’s poor eating habits are blame for them being overweight. We as parents must also take some blame for this. We have now relied heavily on fast foods instead of home cake meals. Some of us do not take the time to encourage our kids to go outside and play which is a form of exercise. As long as there are quiet watching television many of us are okay with this. I have heard many cases of children falling into depression because of their weight as society has deemed that they are not beautiful.

Love your children regardless of what they look like. Make them feel they are the most beautiful and handsome in the world. As parents we need to instill confidence within our children and teach them about having self esteem and self worth. These teachings they will carry with them throughout adulthood. Then some of us wonder why we are plagued with teenage pregnancy. Some of these kids do not feel loved and seek love elsewhere.

I believe now that we are celebrating 10 years of pageantry that it is now time for us to hold workshops for some of these kids who are overweight and suffering with low self esteem. I will reiterate that I will never glamorise childhood obesity but something needs to be one to help these children. They need a forum where they can see others experiencing the same things that they are. They need to know the dangers of being overweight. They need to accept that they are overweight and what plans that must be taken to help them loose weight. They need to know what foods that they should steer clear of and finally they need to dress to suit their figure. Have a wonderful week ahead!!!!

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