Helping children in need

chefettewalklaunchAnother initiative has been launched in Barbados to aid hundreds of needy children.

After a one year hiatus, the annual Fun Run in honour of the Olga Lopes-Seale’s Needy Children’s Fund was reintroduced this morning, as a rebranded venture under the banner of Chefette Restaurants.

Now known as the Chefette Fun Run, the project is designed to raise money in order to provide more than 130 families with an average five children, with school uniforms, bags, books, socks, pencils and crayons, said Executive Director of the Variety Club, Donnah Russell.

The Variety Club, was bequeathed by Lopes-Seale to continue the charitable work among poor and needy children which she operated for many years up to the time of her death. †An estimated 200 children will benefit from the money raised. Russell said the need was so great, that the economic situation in the country had forced families who were not in the club’s data base to request help until things got better.

She, along with Managing Director of Chefette, Ryan Haloute, Group Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Sol Petroleum, Gina Cummins, Fun Run Organiser, Dawn-Lisa Callendar-Smith and the internationally recognised local band, NexCyx appealed to Barbadians and the business community to support the venture and buy the T-shirts on sale.

The shirts will be on sale at Chefette Wildey and Fontabelle, Surf Shak outlets and Upbeat Stores.

Haloute noted that while the Fun Run had raised about $32,000 on the previous occasion, he was hoping that sum would be surpassed this year.

Callendar-Smith said the run, which starts on May 19 at 4 p.m. from Chefette, Rockeley, will end at Fontabelle. She said they were targetting about 4,000 runners, who stand to win prizes such as the Olga Lopes-Seale Look-A-Like, the Most Colourful Costume and the Largest School turnout.

She noted all those children who took part would be given a prize and an exposition would greet the participants at the conclusion of this six kilometre race. Three members of NexCyx – Mahalia, Russell and Kris – have announced their intention to make the run, saying they would be at the forefront of ensuring the T-shirts were sold. (EJ)†

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