CTUSAB heartened by PM’s comments

The Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados is heartened by the assurance given by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, that government will undertake to work with all relevant stakeholders, in effecting the introduction of a Teachers’ Service Commission.

“CTUSAB contends that the introduction of a Teaching Service Commission is long overdue, and further, considers that it is imperative that it is brought on stream, if there is to be any real improvement in the professional status of teachers,” General Secretary Dennis DePeiza said in a release.

“CTUSAB urges that in like manner, government should commit to the establishment of a Protective Services Commission. The Congress has sought an audience with the Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs on this subject, as it views that the establishment of the Commission would lead to the streamlining of the matters of appointments, promotions, disciplinary matters, recruitment, and Human Resource Development in the Fire, Police and Prison Services.

“Further, it is of concern to CTUSAB that ‘An Act to amend the Police Act 2001′, is yet to be proclaimed. CTUSAB is currently pursuing this matter with the relevant authorities,” he added.

It was on Monday night at the Opening Ceremony of the 39th Annual Conference of the Barbados Union of Teachers at Solidarity House, that Stuart made his comments.

The Teachers’ Commission has long been on the agenda of the BUT. (DS)

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