Cardoza holds slim lead

Luke Cardozo.

With just two rounds remaining in the United Insurance-sponsored Under-14 Chess Championship being played at Harrison College, several young chess players are locked in a battle for supremacy.

Leading the field of 38 players is the top seed Luke Cardozo of Providence School. After five rounds he is on the maximum 5 points, having already defeated two of his main rivals Niccoló Walrond of Queen’s College and Gabriela Cumberbatch of Harrison College.

Round six, however, will see a big clash on board 1, as The Lodge School’s Jeran Coppin will face off against tournament leader Cardozo in what could prove to be the definitive point in the tourney. Coppin is on 4.5 points, having only dropped ½ point when he drew with Ntin Mahtani of Harrison College in round two.

Going into the sixth round the standings show Cardozo at top on 5 points, followed by Coppin on 4.5 points. Then there is a four-way tie with Cumberbatch, Walrond, Rhema Weekes (Deighton Griffith) and Cody Sargeant (The Lodge) on 4 points.

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