Apology required

On Wednesday April 10 at a meeting convened at the Lester Vaughan School, some residents affected by the recent fire at the B’s Recylcing facility, told horror stories related to how they have been suffering since the facility opened more than five years ago and worst yet during and after the recent fire.

Several government officials were invited, and if as to add insult to the no show from them all, the only official who attended continued to display the twin skills of lack of understanding and insensitivity. This said official stood proudly to report on sums of money Government spent on having samples sent overseas for testing and the usual rhetoric of past news items.

Residents were obviously not impressed and sought clarity on the details on this and when will results be present, so that if there was any possibility of identifying the reasons for the various respiratory and skin issues that they were experiencing.

Obviously the lack of relevant information pertinent and germane to the issues raised was of great concern to the many residents who sought answers. To add to their horror, the said individual got up voicing unacceptable remarks and stormed out of the meeting.

This display of a level of insensitivity and unprofessional conduct has become the norm, and must no longer be tolerated and deserves calls from the residents and Barbadians for an unequivocal apology.

The no show from officials from the Ministry of the Environment does not sit well with what two months ago was the slogan and much publicised philosophy of a caring government. All Barbadians can show their support and solidarity to these affected tax paying citizens by participating in a peaceful and well orchestrated placard bearing demonstration on Saturday April 20 along the same area.

It was suggested to wear black clothing and cloth over your nose, and placards denouncing the manner in which these humble Barbadians were and are deprived of a peaceful and safe environment, a privilege every Barbadian so rightly deserves.

— Patrick Blackman

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