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Teachers must keep up


Pat Brathwaite-Marshall speaks to teachers.

Teachers must keep pace with today’s students who are masters of the new age of technology.

Vic-President — Group Insurance with Sagicor Life Inc., Patricia Brathwaite-Marshall, made this observation today while addressing the annual professional development workshop of the Barbados Union of Teachers at Solidarity House, Harmony Hall, St. Michael.

The senior insurance official argued that for teachers to truly guide students and help them grasp educational materials they must keep abreast of innovation and new revelations.

“Training such as today’s workshop helps you to experience teaching from the student’s perspective, to walk a mile in their shores as it were,” Brathwaite-Marshall said.

“This experience will help you to empathise with your students and identify methods that you can use to successfully connect with them.”

She argued that the experience of personal development had many rewards and added that learning new skills would motivate them as they triumph over new challenges and venture into new areas.†She also pointed out that as they develop, their performance will improve and they will become more effectively marketable.

Lauding the work being done by teachers, Brathwaite-Marshall said: “As evidenced by our 15 years of sponsoring this professional development workshop, Sagicor Life Inc. firmly supports professional development. We recognise teachers as professionals and believe that an investment in educators has far-reaching effects on society’s development.

“True success in personal development comes not with letters after your name or degrees or certificates, true success is attained when you experience growth, improve yourself and utilise what you have learned by applying and sharing that knowledge. So I encourage you, do not wait for your supervisor or principal to sign you up for training programmes, go in search of the training you need to improve yourself and grow, both personally and professionally.” (NC)

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