Volney: Never again!

PORT OF SPAIN — Never again! That’s the position from the People’s Partnership’s St. Joseph MP Herbert Volney on two counts: never again wearing jeans to attend Parliament as he did last Friday; and never again wanting to contest St. Joseph for the People’s Partnership in a general election, beginning in 2015.

“I decided in recent weeks I don’t want to contest again because the PP will lose St. Joseph and the entire East-West Corridor to the PNM, as this government is operating exactly how (former Prime Minister) Patrick Manning was – not listening to the people,” Volney said yesterday. “I’ll have my own say in 2015 if government continues as they are – St. Joseph people will know who not to vote for.”

Volney has been a PP backbencher since being fired from the post of Justice Minister last September in connection with the Section 34 proclamation issue. In an interview yesterday, Volney said House Speaker Wade Mark called him in after last Friday’s House of Representatives session to advise him against wearing jeans – instead of the traditional suit – to the House as he had done that day. Volney’s attire had been the subject of some after-session debate by PNM MPs last week.

PNM’s Amery Browne, who expressed concern, said MPs do not come to parliament in jeans since the dress code under protocol for MPs is a suit. Yesterday, Volney said the Speaker did not reprimand him, but cautioned him about wearing the jeans and a sport jacket to Parliament.

“The Speaker spoke to me about my attire after the session last Friday, yes,” he said.

“I explained I had come straight from my constituency – that’s how I am attired when I work among the people – a nd rather than be late for Parliament to go and change into a suit, I decided to come in my sports jacket and jeans.

“I informed the Speaker that I meant no disrespect and the next time I will come in my lounge suit. He spoke to me on the issue and I agreed with him. He didn’t reprimand me, we just had a mature chat. The matter was sorted out.”

Volney said he had come last Friday to the parliament in his new red Audi A6, which bears a the licence plate PCY 34. Explaining the licence plate, Volney said: “I chose 34 as that number has made me unusually respected in T&T – I see it as my lucky number… Also, three and four make seven, which is also my lucky number. (Guardian)

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  1. Marmar April 16, 2013 at 10:04 am

    The truth is he did not do his laundry.


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