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President of the Barbados Archery Association John Annel (foreground) and other archers going for the target.
President of the Barbados Archery Association John Annel (foreground) and other archers going for the target.

Eight senior archers including two women braved very windy conditions and some light intermittent rain to compete in the first half of the 2013 Senior Games Archery Tournament at the range of the Barbados Archery Association on Saturday.†

The seven recurve and one compound archer shot the US 900 shoot which consisted of 30 arrows at 60 yards, 50yds and 40yds for a total of 900 points.

The format for these games is to complete two US 900 matches and take the highest combined score for the particular age group and equipment (recurve/compound) to decide the winner.†

Of the eight archers five have represented Barbados and won medals at previous Huntsman Games and their experience prevailed over the difficult conditions.

Roger Gall in the 55-59 age group shot the highest score for the day with 776 points with his compound bow but it was Judith Magras who read the conditions best and was right behind him with 760 points using her recurve bow.††

Magras in the recurve 55-59 age group outshot all except Gall. National representative Martha Padmore shot 659 points with her recurve bow in the 50-54 age group. Fellow national Pedro Thomas in the recurve 50-54 age group shot 665 points ahead of John Annel’s score of 599 points placing him second.†

Thomas Field, also a previous medal winner from the Huntsman Games, shot 614 points in the recurve 65-69 age group ahead of Paul Magras’ score of 454 for second. Janos Pfendtner in the recurve 70-74 age group put up a decent score of 646 to top this class.†

The second half of the tournament was held the following day at the Belleview Gap, Waterford, St. Michael range of the Barbados Archery Association.

No records were broken after the final day of the tournament. Amid very windy conditions and intermittent showers the archers again had a hard struggle to complete the 90 arrows for the conclusion of the shoot.

Through it all Judith Magras maintained her composure and was the recurve high scorer with 1493 points out of a possible 1800 points. Roger Gall, the sole compound archer, shot 1556 points to have the highest score overall for the tournament.

Pedro Thomas maintained his day one lead and completed on 1327 points beating John Annel into second with 1191 points for the Men’s 50 -54 recurve division. Albert Field also was victorious over the improving Paul Magras 1195 to 957 points in the Men’s 65 -69 recurve division. Martha Padmore in the 50-54 women’s recurve division with 1323 Points and Janos Pfendtner in the 70-74 men’s recurve division with 1228 points both won their divisions.††SNbSSNbS††††††††


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