Redman cool with BUT

President of the BSTU Mary Redman.
President of the BSTU Mary Redman.

There is no doubt that trade unions should work together to improve conditions for their members.

That was the response of Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union President Mary Redman to a call from the president of the BUT to work together in the interest of education.

Last night, while delivering his address at the opening of their 39th Annual General Conference at Solidarity House, Pedro Shepherd said the “BUT stands ready to join hand in hand its sister union the BSTU in charting a new vision for education in Barbados. Let us pool our resources and move forward as one united body in the interest of education”.

But Redman, the leader of the 67-year-old BSTU, told Barbados TODAY in a telephone interview that the BSTU has always seen as “its major concern and responsibility the necessity for working with other trade unions to promote the interest of workers”.

“As a union we understand this as fundamental to representing workers interests in Barbados, most especially the interests of teachers. In this regard we find it unfortunate if and when other unions do not always recognise their moral and legitimate responsibility to act likewise and by our actions we would never place ourselves in the position to be accused of such,” Redman said.

Among the issues the two unions could work together on are collective bargaining agreement, study leave, training, and the general working conditions for teachers, said Shepherd. (DS)

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